N3 Nourish Cube

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N3 Nourish Cube - Joanna Wilson

Natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and magnitude. Millions of people are affected every year and their basic physiological needs cannot always be met. During humanitarian aid efforts, fresh produce is often unavailable due to the difficult logistics and inability to adequately store food in a chaotic environment. Therefore, survivors have restricted diets and limited control.

The Nourish Cube is a modular refrigerated unit for the storage of fresh fruit and vegetables in humanitarian aid environments. It has an ingress protected storage capacity that is capable of holding a monthly food ration for one person. The unit utilises magnetocaloric refrigeration, an emerging highly efficient technology, combined with air circulation and dry ice packs to provide a temperature controlled environment suitable for a range of supplies. The N3 is structurally robust for stacking at distribution points and uses Corflute so it can be flat-packed for ease of storage and transport.

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