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Vision - Jarahad Valeri

Typical Vision provides urban commuters with a safer riding experience. Vision is a system that detects vehicles approaching from the side and rear (blind spots) of a cyclist and through haptic feedback alerts the rider of the car's location, without having to physically have seen it – stopping accidents from happening. The Vision system includes two rear ultrasonic sensors that act as the cyclist’s “second pair of eyes” and a handle bar system which contains the motors that generate the haptic feedback. Additionally, Vision includes high luminance LED’s that alert the driver of the vehicle when they are approaching the cyclist.

Vision has been designed to be easily installed on most fixed speed and urban bicycles with it’s simple to use clamp mechanism. It also an ergonomic design that provides for better force distribution, and a more comfortable riding experience. The Vision mission is simple, getting riders home safely. Be seen with Vision.


  • Melbourne Cycling League
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