iQ: Open-Brain Surgery Protective Headwear

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iQ: Open-Brain Surgery Protective Headwear - James Tsarouhas

~5,800,000 brain surgery patients are discharged from hospital every year. Many patients return home with areas of cranial bone completely absent for up to 18 months, so bicycle helmets are worn to protect the vulnerable brain. Patients exhibit up to an 80% chance of suffering post-operative depression which emphasises the extent of their psychological, as well as physical, fragility.

The issue? Bicycle helmets are bulky, embarrassing, and heavy. This results in discomfort, low compliance, and social isolation. iQ is the world’s first personalised form of protective headwear for brain surgery patients. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia from patient CT-scans – each iQ results in a custom fit tolerance of less than 0.5mm. iQ headwear is 2x lighter than the average bicycle helmet and only 7mm thick. Patients can therefore wear beanies or hats over an iQ, improving compliance, providing inconspicuous protection, bolstering self-esteem and invigorating a desire to return to everyday social activities.


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