Lenus - Biosmart Trainer

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Lenus - Biosmart Trainer - Wei Shen

Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) primarily affects lower back, upper back, and shoulders. It attributes to more time lost (3.8 weeks per case) and direct costs ($55 Billion, Australia 2012) than any other work injury. The problem is that it's hard to diagnose, and according to Safe Work Australia, there are currently no specific strategy in the prevention of MSD.

Lenus is an everyday personal biosmart-wear that aims to prevent MSD by providing physical training in conjunction with biofeedback. The primary innovation behind Lenus is the use of EMG to diagnose muscular problems such as imbalance, atrophy, and poor form; and the use of EMS to remediate causes of MSD through accurate and effective muscle stimulation training. Lenus is easy to use, washable, and concealable for daily use. Its key feature is the electrode pad system, which accommodates for 16 electrode positions, graduated stimulation intensity, and precise electrode positioning.


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