OraVis: Oral Health Screening for Rural Australia

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OraVis: Oral Health Screening for Rural Australia - James Sarantos

Poor oral health in Australia continues to be evidenced with up to one-third of Australian adults avoiding the dentist. This not only has negative effects on oral and systemic health, but costs the Australian government up to $1.34 bn per annum spent on potentially avoidable hospitalisations and re-admissions due to oral health issues.

OraVis is an oral health screening device that is able to check for a wide range of oral health issues including dental caries, mucosal disorders and some oral cancers during a primary healthcare checkup. It uses a high quality lens system to replicate the gold standard of oral health diagnosis; visual inspection. Captured images are encrypted, securely processed in the cloud and results returned immediately to clinicians so that they can make better recommendations, refer on where necessary and maintain a patient history, resulting in better health outcomes and savings to the government.


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