Portable Water Purification Device

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Portable Water Purification Device - Thao Nguyen

In any military deployment, the success of an operation is dependent on the performance of the individuals involved. Maintaining the hydration of these personnel during high intensity activities is paramount and, while enduring challenging climate conditions, it is vital to have access to contaminant-free water to optimize performance levels.

The Portable Water Purification Device incorporates both a water storage and water filtration system that integrates seamlessly with a soldier's existing combat systems to maintain maximum protection for the soldier during use. It also decreases the physical burden on the soldier as the device sits between their armour and their backpack which then provides the pressure to accelerate the water filtering process without any further steps to be taken to access clean water.

The slim, lightweight design with its easy access drinking nozzle ensures that soldiers can maintain hydration and perform effectively and efficiently in any environment.


  • Australian Government - Department of Defence
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