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BumpBoard - Samuel Lodge

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 68 people. Children with ASD often experience impaired social skills and sensory abnormalities — factors which inhibit childhood development significantly, meaning that a divide is created between those with ASD and those without. Music is proven to bridge the gap between our “two worlds”. This is because music has a profound effect on brain development. Intertwined with human identity, it provides a means of expression for children with autism. Where verbal dialogue may be difficult, musical dialogue thrives.

The BumpBoard is a super durable musical instrument designed to make music more accessible to children with ASD. It teaches musical structures, it helps users to sound great quickly and enables them to play along with others. Record, learn and play with ease. Making music is supposed to be fun, so the BumpBoard makes it easy and fun right from the start!


  • Outerspace design
  • Fusion Guitar
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
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