Gesound Bench

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Gesound Bench - Matthew Lloyd

Diverse communities rely on public space to foster cultural growth and social participation. The Gesound Bench is a sonically interactive, modular seating system designed to inspire social participation. The research behind this project was based around cultural identity, in particular the development of new cultures. The Gesound bench is a sonic device, like a musical instrument but with a different purpose.

The system is designed to encourage a shared exploration between different members of the community through discovering the device’s function. The more people interacting with the system, the wider the variety of sounds it produces. In this way the product builds new relationships within the community.

Using a transducer microphone inside a rotomolded shell, a microcontroller processes sounds made on the surface of the device. The input sounds are used to trigger a bank of samples, which are then relayed to an external speaker. Put simply, tapping on the shell is like pressing the keys on a keyboard.

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