Rebus Portable Flotation Device

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Rebus Portable Flotation Device - Mushahid Khan

Rebus life vest is an innovative portable flotation device which provides augmented safety during any water based activity. Rebus detects when the user is in danger of drowning and inflation system activates automatically or remotely. Rebus houses a pulse oximeter which constantly monitors the user’s biometrics to provide real time information via the Rebus App. Rebus has 2 inflatable bladders which are inflated via a UML clip activated CO2 canister. The app allows the vest to be activated remotely, or it is activated automatically when the user is perceived to be at risk.

Rebus is designed to be used in any water based activity. Contouring to the user’s body to ensure it does not hinder movement and made of breathable material to ensure use for extended periods of time. Rebus has one goal, to ensure safety from drowning. Stay afloat with Rebus.


  • Maritime Safety Victoria
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