Lightfoot X-Med

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Lightfoot X-Med - Deep Kansara

As good as the Australian Health Care infrastructure is, due to the socio-geographical disparity, products that help abridge gaps in facilities available to the average citizen, residing in rural and remote communities throughout Australia are still required. The issue was identified through analysing reports and interviews with professionals from key rural health care organisations, such as Royal Flying Doctors Service and Rural Health Workforce Australia. The fundamental user need was for a product to increase the outreach capabilities of doctors, and to do so without requiring unique transportation systems and large scale manpower.

The design outcome is, Lightfoot X-Med, a mobile medical facility that expedites Primary Health Care in rural and remote communities. During transportation, LXM is a roof-mounted unit that transforms into a freestanding structure once deployed. It provides an enclosed workspace, enabling general practitioners to carry out simple diagnosis and minor, non-emergency medical procedures.


  • Spaceworks
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
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