Power Point Charging Station

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Power Point Charging Station - Rachel Hook

The world is currently witnessing the highest levels of displacement due to conflict or persecution on record. Whilst aid agencies such as UNHCR provide essential services to meet basic needs, there is a lack of ability to provide communication facilities and energy infrastructure. For the many refugees who have a mobile phone, electricity access is extremely limited to recharge them.

The Power Point Charging Station provides a source of safe and reliable electricity for refugees to charge their mobile phones. It is quick to deploy at the height of an emergency and simple to set up and use. With solar energy as its primary power source, it is inexpensive and sustainable to run, while having the flexibility to be connected to mains power or generators when necessary.

Power Point enables refugees to share or receive important information from aid agencies and to stay connected to family and friends during a traumatic time.


  • Engineers without Borders
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