Nex: Emergency Cervical Collar

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Nex: Emergency Cervical Collar - Shaun Hanlon

There are currently 12,000 Australians living with Spinal Cord Injuries as a result of poor stabilisation at the time of an accident. The use of soft and rigid cervical collars does not provide enough support or alignment following traumatic events. With the introduction of new legislation, the use of rigid collars will be a thing of the past.

Nex is a cervical collar that combines the stability of a rigid collar and the flexibility of a soft collar. It allows paramedics to align the head and neck appropriately after traumatic events. With the use of the Nex ‘flex’ piece, the collar is adjustable allowing for different orientations, sizes and fits for all patients.

Nex is the next innovation in cervical collars, which can decrease the effect of post traumatic event injury.

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