Embrace - All Access Ride System

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Embrace - Luke Fazio

The EMBRACE ‘All Access Ride System’ is a disability accessible amusement ride seat and accompanying wheelchair that in tandem provide an inclusive, safe and user friendly amusement ride experience for physically disabled persons. Handicapped persons can now experience amusement rides without the indignity and unfair discrimination that usually occurs when queueing, boarding and exiting amusement rides.

Upon entering a theme park disabled guests transfer onto a specially designed wheelchair. When boarding a ride, the wheelchair seat seamlessly slides from the wheelchair base to the accepting EMBRACE ride seat. A hinged side panel locks the chair into place and an over the shoulder vest harness firmly secures the rider. This unique transfer method is efficient, safe and comfortable for the disabled guest. The EMBRACE ride seat can be used by guests without disabilities, in times when disabled guests are not present. Thus, minimally impacting ride throughput.

The system can be retrofitted onto many existing popular ride types, as well as built onto new rides – making it the ultimate disability accessible amusement ride seat solution.


  • Funfields
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