Freestep Rollator

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Freestep Rollator - Dane Dowling

The Freestep rollator has a unique design which caters for the specific needs of independent users who have difficulty maintaining their balance while walking. It is designed to be fully operated from a standing position, with all interactive components being situated within easy reach alleviating the risk of falling whilst trying to operate the unit.

The Freestep features an innovative folding operation allowing it to collapse into a thinner form when the user needs to navigate narrower passages and then be collapsed into an even more compact form for easy storage.

The storage bag is elevated to enable standing access and also doubles as the lumbar support for the seat. Easily removable, it enables its user to easily carry or store items whether it’s for the kitchen counter or even as overhead luggage on a plane. The Freestep’s design removes restrictions ensuring a more enabled an independent lifestyle.


  • Tricycle Developments
  • Australian Unity
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