Versatone Eco Instrument

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Versatone Eco Instrument - James De Bono

Versatone is a musical instrument designed to inject sustainability into the music industry. The structure of the instrument does away with unsustainable timbers traditionally used in musical instrument manufacturing and uses Bamboo which is lighter, stronger product scientifically tested to produce an excellent tone.

The Versatone uses Bluetooth to send its pure audio directly to a laptop or smart device for processing. Using computer software, a musician can apply effects, correct mistakes and even change tuning or instrument voices while recording or playing live. This eliminates the need for mountains of heavy and expensive equipment and cables, reducing the environmental impact, simplifying the set up and leaving more money in the musician’s pocket.

With the addition of a wireless control module with gyro, the computer can be controlled using buttons, faders and physical movement of the instrument making control simple and intuitive, but far more versatile.


  • LETO bamboo
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