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Koselight - Alana Dang

The Koselight is a modular outdoor luminaire designed specifically for communities and pedestrian areas. Fear of crime after dark is affecting the lives of 4 million Australians. Improved lighting can reduce crime by 40% and increase pedestrian traffic by 86%. With more people out after dark, community trust and night time economy can grow significantly.

The Koselight is an accessible and affordable solution. It features a self-sufficient light fitting powered by solar cells. This eliminates the need for mains connection, simplifying the design and installation process. A smart-sensor automatically dims the lights on as the sun sets and when motion is detected. This seamless dimming minimises energy consumption and light pollution. The warm LED light source coupled with a fibreglass diffuser creates an inviting and comforting light without compromising safety.

The Koselight creates safe and inviting environments that encourages use of urban areas after dark; producing safer, happier and more vibrant communities.


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