eFIT-N.C - Home Exercise Machine

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eFIT-N.C - Dan Cabral

The eFIT-N.C home exercise machine is an electronic fitness product designed for neuromuscular conditioning by facilitating High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT). Users will efficiently develop lean muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat composition, in a very time effective manner.

This product utilises pneumatic technology to provide automated changes in variable resistance. The digital interface controls the pneumatic and electronic systems, while also providing motivation and education with a virtual personal trainer, that is constantly available to help and encourage the user. eFIT-N.C is highly adjustable and versatile to facilitate for many different exercises that target all major muscle groups, while accommodating for diverse user anthropometrics.

During workouts the product generates power to recharge the battery that powers all electronic componentry. eFIT-N.C is a safe, space efficient, sustainable domestic exercise product, that enables users to efficiently achieve their health and fitness goals.


  • Anytime Fitness
  • Peak Performance
  • Rotec Aerosport
  • Vicom
  • KR Health Fitness
  • AFCB
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