HelCool - Helmet Cooling Device

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HelCool - Nick Bridges

Australian combatant soldiers are forced into some of the most heat intensive environments on the planet, to deal with intense conflict, all while wearing 50-70kg of gear and clothes that don’t allow heat to dissipate. Long sleeves that only expose your hands, long pants and boots that don’t expose anything and to top that off, a helmet that traps the heat inside.

This helmet cooling device solves this heat stress problem with an innovative and straightforward design. A self-contained, robust design, coupled with a micro blower to supply a constant flow of air to the back of the soldier’s neck. Targeting one of the bodies most effective cooling areas, this design helps boost the body’s natural cooling system. Giving the soldier relief from their environment, so that they can perform the task at hand with a clear head.


  • Defence Science and Technology Org.
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