Momentum Rehab Walker

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Momentum Rehab Walker - Samuel Abdelmalek

Falls – especially in the elderly population – continue to be one of the most challenging public health issues faced by the world today. While there is an abundance of research linking increased physical activity with benefits to health and wellbeing, recent research has also uncovered the ‘Great Falls Paradox’ – that is the more active elderly people become, the higher their risk of falling.

The Momentum Rehab Walker gives the user confidence to remain active by selectively alerting them at times of compromised balance, prompting them to refocus their attention on walking, and in the event of mild posterior lean, allows an arm swing of 9cm while providing an electromechanical return force assisting them in maintaining an upright posture. In this way, the Momentum Rehab Walker aims to reduce the risk of accidental falls by actively encouraging mobility while simultaneously assisting in balance improvement – thus, addressing the ‘Great Falls Paradox’.


  • Northern spinal and sports injury clinic
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